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value of trailer mounted bobcat 250

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  • value of trailer mounted bobcat 250


    I’ve got a trailer mounted Bobcat 250 gas welder I’d like to sell… The trailer includes small welders box, racks for lead, racks for bottles, two 200 W halogen lights, 6” Vise. small fire extinguisher and about 100 feet of lead/ground. The welder also has a custom heavy canvas cover made by fun_4_now who haunts this's been shed kept it's entire life and I don't remember rain ever falling on it.

    The welder has less than 100 hours on it and a battery bought last year. I’ve had it about 5 years and the plans I had for it fell thru due to a death in the family. I’m not trying to sell it here but wondering if you experts could come up with a good price to ask for it. I know the welder is worth around 3500 new… and this one hasn’t had a tank of gas run thru it total. Stabil always included in the gas and it's run every month or so to keep the battery up. Starts quick, runs smooth and welds… well like a Miller welder welds… 15” tires and will throw in the ball lock.Pics below and a sketch of the trailer with dimensions.... Can you help me come up with an asking price… ??? It lives at my house in Hueytown, Al..


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    Nice machine, but 5 years old still depreciates it. I would value it all at $3,200.
    2- XMT's 350 cc/cv
    1- Blue star 185
    1- BOBCAT 250
    1- TRAILBLAZER 302
    1- DYNASTY 200 DX
    1- DYNASTY 280 DX
    1- MAXSTAR 150 STL
    1- HF-251 BOX
    1- S-74D
    1- S-75DXA
    2- 12-RC SUITCASES
    1- 8-VS SUITCASE
    2- 30 A SPOOLGUNS


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      location makes a difference. Guy by me had similar set up in wisconsin for |
      $2900.00. WAS NOT AS NICE AS YOURS. You can always come down in price.
      Did you check craigs list? I bought a 2 year old TRAILBLAZER, 100 feet lead,200 hours for $2200.00 in Northern Illinois. HE WANTED TO SELL IT! No cart or trailer.
      I would say $3000.00.