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Trailer how big with single axle

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    Winches are most likely fixed to the frame, at the height necessary to pull a drag-car onto a tilt-bed. For those who don't know, as the rear of a tilt bed goes down , the front surprisingly enough goes UP!!!!!

    Winches are there for a reason, since any drag/race engine only has so many hours/minutes of running time available, you don't wanna p iss away run time just loading onto trailers.

    None of these look to be modified boat trailers, boat trailers are normally 96" or 102" OD, these look much narrower, plus notice the COG of the trailers look suspiciously close to the COG of the load. Looks like the trailers were built for a single purpose use.
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      Please just build the trailer this weekend ,and post the pictures Monday.


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        I agree with the poster that stated it could be scary with only a single axle. With what you want to haul, I'd definitely go double axle. Also, it's law in PA that any trailer over 3000 gvw requires brakes. I've built several trailers here in PA, so I do know the laws.

        If you're looking for a tilting trailer, why not go to a beaver tail design with ramps. Much less hassle than a tilting trailer, especially for your race car. An electric winch up front would help loading a disabled race car.


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          design I found on internet

          I am Planning on brakes I never said I would not. A beaver tail design will not work as the ground clearance on my dragster is only 3 to 3 1/2 inches,trust me a tilt deck is what I want and need.

          Attatched is a rendering I found on the net. It is shown with tandem axle, I will be using a single torsion axle 5200 lbs capacity with brakes.

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            You can buy a brand new single axle Tracker trailer for a 20 foot pontoon boat.
            There are loads of heavy fiberglass bass boats running around on single axle trailers everyday.
            Single axle trailers manuever and roll very easily compared to tandem.
            That dragster won't weigh crap.

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              I would not use the tongue design drawn on those plans. Instead extend the angle all the way to the coupler and use an a-frame coupler. With the design shown, where the frame converges on some form of tubing, you're week point is right at that joint and if you happen to put to much weight on it, it'll bend right there.
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