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    I was asked if i could remove the center of a man hole lid (cut out) off a storm drainage and weld or fab up some type of grated "bubble" over the made opening. The problem is the small openings in the lid now 1" x 4" get covered up with weeds and dont allow for the water to enter. So we are lookng at making some type of arched grate that raises about 2' above the lid with at max. 4" x 4" openings. And NO these are not in the middle of the roadways they are through out the landscaping in a subdivision. Any ideas and can I weld to the cast iron if I preheat without any problems? Or just maybe they should take care of the weed issues! HA

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    Yup you can stick weld them with any good cast rod such as I use it all the time. Preheat is not needed for all cast iron rods and this rod is one of them...Bob
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      fix it

      Tell them to fix the weed problem. Raising it is not gonna help


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        if you can let the weeds go with the flow...

        just make a large hole in the middle of man-hole, a plate + threaded rod , nuts , washers and 4 buschings made of plumbing pipe and you're done.Click image for larger version

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          Crown Alloys (aaetalmaster)

          Aa metal master is dead on I live in Troy, MI 5 minutes away from crown alloys headquarters. They make sone of the best alloys, electrodes, and fikler metals arould for special aplication the **** works. (Side note favorite rod is crown 220m welds **** near anything better than butter)
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            I assume this is what I would call a storm drain grate and I will also assume that no heavy trucks or anything like that is driving on it.I'd be inclined to fab up a grate entirely out of steel rather than weld to the cast iron or if they'll pay for it, stainless. At the same time I agree with fitzyyy that the real problem is weeds and the grate will not likely solve the issue. They probably should just find a kid with a rake and a wheelbarrow. He could use the job!


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              Enlarge Hole

              Use a cut-off disc mounted an an angle grinder & cut a larger square or triangular hole in the manhole cover.

              I recently did this to several old large cast iron pots being converted to planters. It worked like a charm.


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                Why would you tell them to control the weeds? If they want it raised then do it. I would roll up 1/2" round bar in rings & connect them to the manhole cover with 1/2" round bar uprights. Space them all so you have 4" openings so you wind up with a barrel shaped screen. No preheat needed. Top could be capped with a plate disc or the same pattern screen. You could also weld tabs to the bottom of your "screen" & bolt them to the manhole cover instead of welding.
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                  Build a cylinder or barrel shaped screen but do not close in top -- it should also be grated. The U.S. Forest Service builds these types of screens or grates on their road ditches leading into culverts that go under the road. You want big brush and weeds to hang up on sides from water pouring through but you want top open should you get a big flow. If water rises very high huge amounts of water will fall through top opening.


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                    like this...?

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                      Thanks for the ideas....the weed problem is not just an acre or so, it is about 40 acres just on the outskirts of the subdivision that the debris comes from. I am going to use #6 rebar and build some arches and rings that i will weld onto the manhole grate (storm drain) after I cut out the center. The Opening runs down into a series of box culverts (5' x 8') that kids love to hang out in, so i will need to be able to add a padlock onto as well.


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                        You might want to try to get your spacing so that some commonly used rake or fork will fit into the spaces. Unless the wet weeds there are different from what they are here someone is going to still have to clean it out and the easier it cleans the better. Maybe smooth mild steel bars would be easier to clean than re-bar too. Just a thought. Although if the idea is to keep the weeds entirely out of the drainage system re-bar will probably trap more stuff. Good luck.