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    I have a 6x12 dump bed box with 3" c-channel crossmembers. I would like to build a trailer frame for this and weld the bed to the trailer frame, no dump, for a utility trailer. I have a question on how to build the frame. So this bed will be welded to a 5" channel frame and my question is would I need any crossmembers in the main frame or will the crossmembers welded to the top be enough?

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    How much does this dump bed weigh? Most likely it will be a max load for a single axle set up right from the start. By the time you add the 5" channel iron and tongue it will be even heavier. By adding another axle and spring package you still won't be able to haul as much with it weight wise as you could with a conventional utility trailer of the same size(6X12). The dump bed is really just too heavy for something like this. How much welding experience do you have to consider a project of this scope? What kind of welding equipment are you planning on using? Got any pictures of the bed for us to see?


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      Just with the information that u have given I would say all u need is the frame with an x type of crossmember, connecting corner to corner, but having said that, it would be good to know wut u plan on using for the axles, typical load, ect...