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  • Need help coming up with a project

    im 16 (turning 17 in June) and i am in an advanced welding class at my high school. So far i have built a tree stand for deer hunting, a horseshoe coat rack, and a grill out of a hot water heater, also i cut a how water heater vertically and welded some angle iron on the bottoms of each half to hold grain and water for me and my step dad's calves. Im not an experienced welder but i definitely know what im doing and can follow project plans with ease. I ran out of ideas and need something to make (possibly sell). If you guys have any ideas maybe thing you built when you were in high school i would love to hear your ideas and some of the things you built while you were in high school.

    Thanks- Damon
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    Take a look at the top right corner of this page, Welding Projects. Look at the things people have submitted that they have built. There are no plans, but something there may inspire you to build a similar project. There are many categories to choose from. Some of these folks are members of the forum and if you find something particularly interesting you could send them a personal message here and see if they can provide you with more details and possibly a set of plans. Lots of stuff there to look at so take your time and go thru all of'em.


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      If you enjoy shooting at all, targets are always a fun thing to make. I'm in highschool to and since my freshman year I've built 4 targets. There's one that's called a shooting star that is a pretty awesome target but very challenging so you better have lots of ammo. Lol. The other three were just swingers. On one that I built for our auction I made each of the 4 target faces a card suit and painted it to match. Racks and stands for stuff around your own shop or home are Usualy nice to make yourself cuz you can build them to suit your needs.

      As far as stuff for profit... Trailers are alot of upfront cost and you could always get stuck with it. Implements are tractor specific unless you build a 3-point attachment. You could do a 3-point hay bail un-roller, our maybe a jog splitter. Both would use the tractors hydraulics. Artsy stuff Usualy sells pretty well and is cheap to make. doing stuff that's themed around the favorite college in the area generaly sells good. If you can build a pretty nice BBQ smoker they Usualy can make a good profit if theres any market for it. Like mentioned above just browse through the projects sections and you'll find something you've just got to have.
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        head ache rack
        hydraulic press frames
        skid plate
        sheet metal rust repair
        truck boxes
        press brake
        honestly consider yourself lucky, if you dont have stuff that needs to be done maybe get a job?