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    As some of you know I recently bought a used bass boat for my son and I to get some fishing done. Well it didn’t come with butt seats and I didn’t like the ones for sale so I made some, there is some welding here so I though some of you might be interested. Picture 003 is of bending the seat braces on my homemade steet metal bender, the material is 304 and is 2" X 3/16" and I was kinda surprised it bent so easily. Picture 005 is of the base, backrest mounted to the swivel ($12 each from Wal-Mart) with t-nuts. Picture 010 is of the material cut and ready to sew up. Picture 019 is the welding part. The last picture (022) is of the completed seats, now to get some fishing done as soon as this heat calms down some.

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    Regards, George

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    great work nice looking seats


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      looks good. nice
      I hope you and your son catch lots of fish, and make some great mimories
      Thanks for sharing the photos with us
      have fun !