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    Lets see were do I start. My project is on a nice 44' aluminum sport boat. The top is canvas with plastic windows. What I need to do is replace the top with aluminum sheet and frame in the windows for the glass panels. The framing for the windows will be square 1 1/4 tubing. The top will be .125 sheet. My question is what would be best Tig Or Mig. I am looking at the Dynasty 350 or the Invision 354MP. The inverter machine will be run off the 12kw gen set on the boat. 230v single phase. There is some welding on the .250 deck also. New water tight hatches will be installed. I am not looking for speed just the best tool for the job. I can stick and gas weld but have never tig or mig welded.

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    I say mig. That is what a mfg would pick. Read articles on the miller resources section and you will see that is exactly what the 350P is designed to do. You can run long beads on pulse and not warp.
    A tig would just not be used for those long welds without warping unless you simply stopped and started hundreds of times.
    Fixing cracked welds on that boat the tig would rule in places like below the waterline but fabricating big sheet nothing beats mig and now nothing beats pulse-spray mig.
    Believe it or not I am not sure if you could run a 350P off of a genny and I am not familiar with the machine you mentioned but I do know that if you can afford a 350 Dynasty you will find a mig way under the cost of that machine.
    Mig on aluminum is way easier to master BTW.
    HTH Garry

    P.S. if you replaced that generator with a Trailblazer 302 you could make the power and weld the boat at the same time and you would litterally have a boat that could fix itself for even less money!!!
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      There will be at least 175 1 1/4 welds. Flat , vert & horz. The top .125 sheet could have 40' of weld along the seam & edges. The deck could have 30' of weld on .250 thick sheet plus welding three watertight hatches. When this is all done the welder will be in my shop for use on miss projects. Cars , trailers ect.
      [XMT 350MPa , XR Feeder & Aluma Pro gun , Dynasty 200DX]