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    I just joined today, and am pleased to see this fourm exists!

    I am taking up blacksmithing and I was wondering if any of you have any portable coal forge plans or ideas. I thought with all the welders and metal workers on here there maybe some blacksmith addicts as well. I have found blacksmithing to be very addictive and just another way to expand your metal working abilities.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Maybe try here for a start, there are a lot of groups out there, they just aren't on the tip of my finger right now...Bob
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    Bob Wright


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      Another Blacksmith!

      I got started in metal working after watching Junkyard wars for a while. Bought a small mig. Then an associate introduced me to blacksmithing. I bought more welding tools and built my own forge and set up a shop.

      There are plenty of sources of information on the internet and there may be a blacksmith school of some sort in your area, where ever you are. My advice, get some instruction to start with then build your own shop.

      Burn coal, get dirty and have fun.