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What Kind of Credit Do I Need to Rent Tanks?

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  • What Kind of Credit Do I Need to Rent Tanks?

    I'm looking at renting some oxygen and acetylene tanks from Airgas South (they seem to be the only game in town) and they want a credit application. My credit isn't exactly stellar. Does anyone have any experience with tank rentals when one's credit isn't the best?

    There are actually some tanks that are at my shop that I believe may have belonged to my father (on a rental that never was returned?) before he passed away. Is there an easy way to tell if they are owned or were leased such as a sticker or code?


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    cant tell you what type of credit is needed,but you must meet there requirements to open an account with if you have your own bottles then no account is needed.they do not keep up with any numbers when you get a bottle.they just take your empty tank and swap it for a full.i would claim those of your long as the tanks are acceptable to exchange (meaning not a very old outdated design) then it is no problem to swap them.if you own them,then you only pay for a refill.$30.00 to $50.00 depending on type of gas.
    they would have to look up your fathers account to see if he was renting them,and if so if he has any that belong to the supplier.i
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      look at the top of the tank for the ring just below the head. if it has a name stamped in it then they are the only ones likely to fill them. if its blank. then you have a better chance of swapping them out, but that still depends on the filler. some are more tight about only filling there own tanks, making you rent or buy from them. thoroughbred (i think it is ) is set up at a lot of home depots, TSC, and such places will take your tank and swop it out for theres for a test fee of like $30 i think it was. then you just use there tanks from then on out exchanging them there. there is a date code on the top of the tank with stamped in test dates, if its out of date they will charge you a test fee before any one will fill it.
      take a closer look at the tanks your dad had, you may be able to pick up his rental or get in the system for returning them if its a local filling place.

      when i was renting they just wanted my C.C #'s to keep on hand encase i did not return the tanks, no credit app needed so i cant help there.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Thanks for the replies, guys.

        My father passed away in '97, so they would be a very long-ago rental if in fact they were on lease to him when he died. The tanks are empty, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to take them back to the place to see if they would treat them as though they are not rentals....we'll see.