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Is it alright to have the nozzle............

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  • Is it alright to have the nozzle............

    touching the work piece when welding? sometimes i like to use it as a guide when moving along at an angle on the work piece. Thanks all!

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    i like to drag the cup when weldin verticle. gotta be aware of the spatter build up inside the cup though. if it builds up too much it can arc the cup out and the work piece and stick.


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      TIG, I rest the gas cup from time to time when I can't hold a steady hand otherwise. I have premature onset of "Old TIG welder" syndrome ...shaking from too much coffee and sitting around shooting' the breeze.
      MIG I sometimes use the edge of the nozzle to press sheet metal or expanded metal mesh down when tacking it to thicker metal like tubing or angle. Press down, start the weld and pull the puddle from the tube to the sheet with a slight pivot.
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