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Rescuing a Scotchman

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  • welderman23
    id like to have one

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  • Rocky D
    I had one of those in my's definitely worth it's weight in gold! A great time saver!
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  • fun4now
    very cool. its looking great. glad ya finaly found one near enough to ya.

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  • modela
    started a topic Rescuing a Scotchman

    Rescuing a Scotchman

    I had always wanted to find an affordable Scotchman to add to my shop but the unit and shipping costs were prohibitive. I finally found one in my local area from a small trailer manufacturing place that was going out of business. I should have known by the condition of the business that I was in for a real project. The place was filthy with junk scattered all over. I was not surprised that the fellow was changing professions.

    Anyway, I took the thing back to my shop and took a great deal of time removing ugly patches and pulling it apart. Bolts were missing, parts were missing, and it was generally beat up. The magnetic starter had been over-ridden and any kind of safety device removed. Fortunately Scotchman is very helpful and I was able to get good schematics and purchase any part I needed.

    I pulled the thing completely apart removing all of the paint as I ground off welding patches, straightened out pieces and replaced damaged pieces. I had the knives reground and assembled it from bottom up replacing hoses and wiring. I straightened out the shrouds (which take a lot of beating) and had Linex apply a urethane bed coating. As you see it now it is almost completely assembled with only a few parts to install on the angle shear and the punch.

    I have heard that these are really useful and look forward to using it.