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Passport/3035 Combo?

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  • Miller Kevin

    We don't recommend the SGA 100 and the Spoolmate 3035 for use with the Millermatic Passport.

    We do however have the Millermatic Passport Plus now available. Same great features as the Millermatic Passport but the Passport Plus has been designed to accept the the new Spoolmate 100 spoolgun directly to add aluminum capabilities.


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  • BWS29128
    started a topic Passport/3035 Combo?

    Passport/3035 Combo?

    Does anyone know if a 3035 SG will work with a Passport or something similar? I love my HTP2400 but about 90% of my work is outdoors in remote areas and I'd like something easier to pack around than 250 lbs of MIG machine. In an optimum world I'd buy a 100C contactor but I've been told that my Champion 10,000 won't power the 100 or 100C because it's not a CV power source. At this point the only other option (other than the Passport route) is selling the HTP/3035 and buying a HH210 with DP3035SG.

    Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions from anyone?