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    I have an old tig welder it says model 250 ac/dc-hf tig -metallic arc welder it has a 2 prong plug to hook up the switch to switch on the torch I am having problems finding info on the machine I have a book from miller but I don't see anything about a pedal to control the heat I was wandering if there is one that would work and if I can't buy one I was wandering if anyone might have some info on how I could build one any information would be greatly appreciated
    thank you for your time

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    this is a picture of the welder that i have
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      Hard to tell what's blanked off from the pic. The two-prong plug is usually a contactor control (on-off), and that may be all there is.

      Billions of dollars in welds are made every year with scratch-start TIG rigs, and the parts can be used on any future TIG machines so you might consider one.


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        Does it just have the single twist lock plug or does it also have a 3 prong twist lock? Kinda sounds like a rfc-23a pedal. Dialarc?