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all-in-one oil changing strap wrench

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  • all-in-one oil changing strap wrench

    Finally got around to making a tool that will fit any size oil filter and any size oil pan plug.....all-in-one. My favorite style oil filter wrench is the "strap wrench" style. so easy to make! I decided to weld a couple additions on in order to take the plug out of the pan as well. This one tool is all you need to do a complete oil change. Love this tool. BTW.... don't judge my welds too harshly. for some reason, I wasn't on my game tonight..... a little grinding and paint will cover up my over kill welds.
    I made a video on how I made it and put it on you tube. The welding part comes towards the end of it (sorry). That's where I add the extras. If you're interested in making one, check it out.

    This video shows how to make an oil filter strap wrench. The unique part, is the "add-on's" at the end of the video. This is the only tool you need for a c...

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    Do you know you can buy these at most auto parts stores? Just say...
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      Originally posted by lanceman73 View Post
      Do you know you can buy these at most auto parts stores? Just say...
      Most of what we make can be bought but what fun is that? I made one years ago from an old seatbelt to get the hard to reach filter off of my diesel Escort...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Hey, I like that.


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          Good job. That thing looks nice. And if you happen to have a cummins diesel; no need for any sockets. I'm going to make one soon.


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            Nice! I have a few old 1 1/2" ratchet tie down straps that would work great for this application. I like the idea but would need a longer extension due to the plastic shielding Subaru put under the oil pan. I'm always looking for my 17mm socket when it comes time to change the oil so I think I will buy a spare and weld it to the extension! I don't have an awl but I do have a pop-rivet gun...I think I'll melt a couple of holes and pop rivet the straps together using a washer on both ends of the rivet to keep the rivets from pulling through.

            Lately I seem to have quite a few but short windows where I'm looking for a small project to do...thanks for the tip and the great instructions.
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              Nice tool. I have commercial strap wrenches but that style is much nicer for specific applications.

              Beats driving to the store and spending money buying one too.