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3/8 plate steel and dom tubing

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  • 3/8 plate steel and dom tubing

    I am mounting 3/8 plate steel inside frame of my 1975 F250 to install power steering,I am using dom tubing as back spacers against frame.Four 9/16 bolts pass threw the PS box,threw the 3/8 plate and threw the dom tubing existing the back side of frame with welded plate.My question is what size dom tubing would I need for 9/16 grade 8 bolt to pass threw the tube.What wall thickness should i use.Thanks in advance to someone with this expierence

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    You would need 1/2" sch 80 and a 9/16" drill because the pipe would be a little small on the id. or 3/4" sch 80 and it will be a little sloppy. I can drill you some bushings...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Bob is right you're going to have them custom made to fit a 9/16 bolt. Don't forget to allow for some shrinkage when welding them to the frame, either that or have a drill or reamer to go through them post welding. When I do projects that require bushings like this I usually bore them 1/64 undersize then weld them and follow with a reamer after welding.
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        Thankyou Guys!