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Truck-dump conversion ?

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  • Truck-dump conversion ?

    I am looking for experienced time/cost saving advice, so far as converting a bare railed (Nissan UD) truck, Into a hydraulic dump truck . It has no bed at present, so this too would be part of the equation. Along with all necessary hoist equipment. I can add that it used to operate as a recovery vehicle, pto still in situ....workin? I'd just be really appreciative for any advice, tips, inspiration or relevant info'.........thanks fleche.

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    You can try local salvage yards. We picked up a nice 9' bed for out Mack 6 wheeler for $400, hydrolics and everything inc. Needed some work but still better than what we had and at a fraction of the cost of a new one. At the same place we looked at a little 1 ton dump that we considered turning into a dump trailer. Try to find one that caters to trucks as opposed to an auto salvage yard.

    We also looked at Northern Tool and Equip. They had some kits for dumps. You would still need a bed of some type.

    You might also try body companies like Reading, Stahl etc. Not the body company itself, unless you want a new body, but the companies that do the instalations. Sometimes they get takeoff bodies from people want to change out. A friend just bought a "new" 2004 F750 with a landscape stake body on it. He worked out a deal with the instalation company that was going to be putting on the crane body/ service truck. They knew someone who was looking for a stake body. Everyone won, the body installer got 2 jobs, buddy got a cab and chasis truck at a fraction of what a 2007-8 would cost and they other guy got a like new stake body for a great price.


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      I have installed a few of the kits from northern tool for a land scaping crew, they use them daily and havent had any trouble with them. I think the kits were around $1500 each different prices for different tonage.


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        DSW and IRONMAN

        A word of thanks for your insights, I will look into Northern Tool. This is the first add i ever posted here. But it makes me wonder wether or not it wouldn't be worth the while having such a thing as a members classifieds. Or somekind of a central notice board where anysuch items could be offered i.e flatbed for sale @......well, just a thought, for now i'm just glad i've found help, best, fleche.


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          I built a flat bed from scratch and bought a dump kit I think from Northern. The dump kit is like 900 plus. I have in steel alone more than 1500.00 and that was in 2006 I think. Steel is more now. By the time I did the lights, hooks and put the wood down I was into it for around 3k. it adds up quick.
          Here is my build to give you an idea.

          Miller Dynasty 300DX
          HTP MIG 240
          HTP 380 Plasma

          Bridgeport Milling Machine
          South Bend Lathe
          Etc. Etc....


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            Compare apples to apples when buying parts

            Make a list up of what you want your truck to do or be able to do. After that look for a hoist that has proper capacity for your truck and what you need. I sell Venco hoist for the dump truck bodies we make. It is not worth getting to much hoist then your truck can handle or should. Next what type of dump truck body will best help you. A flatbed truck body with stake pockets is the most generic way to go. Now you can add solid sides or stake sides. Then think if you want aluminum or steel. Either way you could put a wood floor in to save weight and money. Look at some of the dump truck flatbeds and dump bodies we have built in the past.

            Feel free to ask any questions.

            [email protected]


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              Warehouse distributor for many top name manufacturers. Parker Hydraulics, Hypro Pumps, Prince Hydraulics. Direct from the factory. Surplus equipment. We buy large quantities of manufacturer's surplus or excess stock.

              Look thru the site, you will probably find more helpful items.
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