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mm250x gas solenoid

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  • mm250x gas solenoid

    does anyone know of a way to diagnose whether the gas solenoid on the millermatic 250x is defective? I would like to isolate if the problem is with the solenoid (an easy replacement) or with the signal getting to the solenoid. (a trip to the repair shop). I am not getting gas delivered to the gun. There is gas getting to the solenoid but not beyond this point. I am not hearing anything at the solenoid such as a tell tale click that the device is opening when I depress the trigger. any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Check for 24 volts AC to the valve with the gun trigger pulled. If it's there and the valve is not pulling in then you have a valve problem.

    Kevin Schuh
    Service Technician
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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      I thought this might be the case but was looking for confirmation. Thanks. I will test on the unit and with an independent 24volt power source. If this is not the problem, I will take to the local dealer for service as I did not see any evidence of a fuse or anything else that is within my capability to trouble shoot.