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Some pics of welding practice in school, feel free to offer opinions/advice

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    Did my first bend test today, 1G open root, 6010 root and hot passes with 7018 fill and caps. Talk about nerve wracking waiting for it to be bent, in front of the whole class. Turned out well though.
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      im currently going to school as well 2 quarters in and i didnt know they did bend tests on anything but verticle and direct overhead. the flat just seems trivial but i guess every schools different.


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        our instructors have said flat position welding would be the hardest to bend without cracking due to the fact that theres much more of a chance for slag to get trapped in the toes of the weld .. slag inclusion .. which of course will aid in the cracking process

        but knowning them all is useful and fun to do i find

        we are doing GMAW welding now, it's pretty neat

        been practicing some Vertical Up fillet welds
        feel free to add comments or constructive criticism

        (i never knocked off the little bits of slag that is visible)


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          Lookin' good. Consistency is probably the most difficult thing to master when you're learning....... and teaching. On your verts; faster across the middle and point the electrode into the parent metal with a short pause on the sides. Everyone figures out what works best for them in time but you might also try moving faster horizontally with less upward progression. Hope this makes sense, kinda hard to explain on a keyboard!