Hey guys I forgot to let you know I got a new hood from speedglass on its awsome light as a feather nice big window (oh crap i can't think of th mod#) I'll look at work then let you know but also I got the Miller weld bag ( this thing is huge you all need to get one) a pair of blue metal working gloves and a pair of the tig glove relly nice equipment and not $$$$, this bag is so huge I can fit tools and gloves, jacket,hood and still have room for more stuff, it has pockets inside and out shoulder strap for carrying also, plus I talked to our miller rep and he has sold 2 more hoods since I brought my catolog in to work and he said he was gettingme some special stuff for helping get the guys to buy new hoods which is around 6-7 for now with 2 more looking at them to buy(I like extra stuff free!!) so it pays to be nice to the reps