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    Here are some pictures of my latest welding project. I am building a 83"x14' dual atv trailer. I got most of my insperation from a BigTex Trailer model. The frame is 3x2x1/4" angle with 2x2x3/16" crossmember 16" O.C. I used 3" x 4.1# as the tongue and wrapped it around the frame to the spring supports. The rail is made of 2x2x1/8" and the two removable side ramps are made of 2x2x3/16" sides with 2x2x1/8" rungs 8" O.C. The weather turned cold fast so this is as far as i have gotten. I still have to build the rear gate/ramp ,brackets for light, primer, paint, ect.Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      The trailor looks great, keep up the great work and lets see more picts. as u go. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to say you built it with your own two hands! I realy like the lay out of your place there to.


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        Cool trailer looks good. I have to ask though how you are welding it outside. I mean I see a gas bottle on your MIG. How are you keeping gas coverage?? I live in Kansas and could never run MIG with gas coverage outside. Just curious.


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          I am using flux core wire for the welding outside. The two ramps i build inside my shop so i swithced back to mig for those.


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            Latest Progress:
            I got the rear gate welded together and mounted to the hinges. All the light brackets are set along with the fenders. I have the tiedowns welded to the sides but did not get to the front yet. Click image for larger version

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              Nice work. Should last many years.