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New welding station and welding machines rack

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  • New welding station and welding machines rack

    Hi everyone, this is my first post to this forum as I just joined it, but have been visiting it for a while. I just completed a project and thought I would share the idea with others here.I wanted to consolidate 3 welding machine racks and 1 welding station into a self contained mobile (on wheels) work centre so here is what it looks like. Some features are: table top has front edge to clamp grounds onto, holds mig, plasma, and tig/stick machine, has front mounted 120 volt power bar, has all 3 machines plugged in at rear with one power supply extension cord wired to supply 3 - 220 volt and 2 - 120 volt circuits on rear of welding station, right side holds all my home made ABS plastic tig rod holders, left side holds aluminum spool gun cords/hoses, top center above the table top has a rack to hold my vicegrip clamping pliers, one, shelf under the table top holds wire bushes, chipping hammer, safety glasses, 2 grinders, and on the left side the aluminum spool gun controller. The back 2 corners hold the 2 welding gas cylinders which are secured top and lower with chains for safety. There is a bottom shelf to hold the spool gun, extra stick wire, and the tig foot controller. The overall dimensions are 60" long X 40" deep X 42" high (top of table). When I figure out how to attach a photo with my IPad I will post some.

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      Looks like a nice job to me
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        Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
        Looks like a nice job to me
        I agree wholeheartedly.... a well thought out , well executed piece of work....

        WELL DONE!!!...............

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          Welding station

          Thanks for the nice comments. There are lots of great project on this forum.


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            great job i may justa have to make one of my own


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              Welding station

              If you want in process photos I can add them to the forum or rough sketches. Just don't know what is normal and didn't want to post something nobody needs.


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                Nice work. I don't like having my machines under my work area though. What I have found, is that the area under where I am plasma cutting and welding gets eaten alive by sparks as well as abrasive cutting and grinding dust. I do a lot of steel cutting and welding though, if you are doing cleaner work it would be okay I suppose. It does look nice though.


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                  Welding station

                  Your right, dust and cutting debris would destroy the machines. All cutting and most large grinding is done away from the welding station. The top of the station is used more for TIG and smaller MIG work. Its height is 42" so standing or working from a high drafting type chair/stool works very well. The font edge of the top protrudes 6" to allow for grounding and the machines are set back a couple more inches so they are fairly well protected from any direct dust or sparks.Always open for comments.Grant