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  • Diy fume extractor

    Has anyone built a fume extractor for a house garage? I have a whole house fan in my finished garage ceiling but it gets way too cold sucking outside air in during winter wi. Looking for one with some type of carbon filter or the ones are way too much$ least for me.
    Thanks in advance for your time and help!
    The best!
    Mike. :d
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    I made mine with a small squirrel-cage blower out of a clothes dryer. A garbage can lid on the end of flexible dryer vent hose, suspended by pulleys and a balancing weight, pulls over the work location to extract the smoke. Doubles as the exhausting means for my paint spray cabinet.


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      goodhands idea sounds like the bathroom exhaust fans available at any home improvement store i have heard thats the best inexpensive way.


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        water filter

        It gets rid of smoke atleast... but I made a filter using water and a squirrel cage fan similar to the way they use a shop vac prefilter in dry wall. The air has to pass through the water and it gets most of the smoke and dust particles. Probem is the fan I had only pulls through about an inch of water. Need a few gallon of water or it turns slimy in a few days of welding and grinding. Doesn't do anything for toxic gases though.


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          imho you need to exhaust everything outside, no filtering.

          Many bath fan units have one-way flaps in them to help with the cold air getting in when they are not in use.


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            outside is best

            I agree outside is the best way to go but not always the easiest. I have an exhaust fan also besides my filter. I mounted an old furnace blower with a hood going outside, but the water filter let's me direct the air flow both at the suction end and the outlet where ever I am in my shop and helps eliminate the magnetic tissue when I blow my nose. I really like it above the chop saw as it helps reduce the dust cloud.