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Funny rookie mistake

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  • Funny rookie mistake

    So I finally was able to start building my welding table, my first on my own project. The frame is 2x2x1/8" square tube frame, plate top and expanded metal bottom shelf. Built the top frame, attached the vertical tubes to the frame, flipped it over and welded it to my plate top. Got a drop, 1/2" 2x4 plate, bigger then I wanted thickness wise, but had the dimensions I wanted. Put it together, and musceled the pig to an upright postion. Started tacking the bottom shelf together, the welding teh inside corners. When I was almost done, 2 or 3 welds left I stopped myself and asked myself out loud..... why am I welding this on the floor still?

    Pics to follow at some point. Still need to add casters, expanded metal shelf on the bottom, clean it, prime it, and paint it. Welding it with my Lincoln Power Mig 180C dual, NR-211 .035 flux core wire.

    On a different note I was thinking about things I had read on the site as I was welding, questions I had answered, advice I had gotten, tips and tricks I had gleened. Almost a group effort. I am thankful that there is this kind of resource available to us garage welders.


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    hi, you may want to leave enough table overhang for clamping and don't forget to incorporate receiver hitch tubing some where too. I'm sure you are aware of receiver hitch uses. Lot of post on this too. good luck!!!!!!!!!!


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      I left over hang on three sides of the table, front, back, and left side. The right side is flush with the frame. My thought with that was I wanted to make a hinged grate that folds up and locks into place flush with the table top to use with my plasma cutter. When not in use it would fold down and be out of the way. Still thinking about what to do about legs with something like that. I left the end of the tube open, so I can slide in tube and mounts that I will make, for things such as trays, grinder and such. Space is a premium for me, tips I picked up on the forum.