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10" wood saw blades build what?

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  • 10" wood saw blades build what?

    hi, I was just given a 5 gallon bucket of 10" circular saw wood blades. Most are not usable so what can I build with them. Any ideas from you metal art sculpture pros ? I could use them for a POLISH DISCUS event . It's ok, I am POLISH; no need to feel sorry for me.

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    Just remember if you hold this Discus event you need to have a Discus Catcher as well as the thrower. The more innovative the catch technique the higher the score, like catching with the teeth.. If these can be done without bloodshed, more points.
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      Saw blades are fun ..... if you run a series of Hot MIG beads out from the center to the outside edge... like spokes of a wheel.... they will pukker up like a flower when the welds shrink.. Yep they will warp all over the place...

      Squiggly beads make an interesting effect as well.............

      Not useful but kinda decorative..... seemed like a good idea at the time I tried it... curiosity being what it is.......
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          I've see knives made of them. Anneal then cut / grind, heat treat, grind more, attach bolsters/scales (handle), polish or finish. They aren't bad, just not too thick. Decent camp, hunting knife.
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            Frisbie. I get first throw...
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              Originally posted by strube1369 View Post
              Frisbie. I get first throw...
              thanks guys, I will see if wife is up to it. I got a bucket full of blades, and a box of band aids! I will try running beads this week. THANKS


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                Post this over on the Hobart board. There are several talented artistic types that hang out there, they might have some good suggestions.
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                  Build a knife the blade is hard