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    remember you GOT TO have the wire brush with the chippin attachment

    he welds in a "nice bead fashion"
    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
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      Originally posted by KBar View Post
      I like how he blows on trhe weld to cool it down, surprised he didn't get his lips against it.

      Not sure where he was welding and what he was welding but I bet his insurance agent, (if he has one) would have a heart attack.
      He was blowing on the weld in a slow and controlled manor as not to have a brittle weldment.
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        Wait a minute.....

        I think that guy is Harbor Freights master welder.

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          Without a doubt he is related to Larry the cable guy.


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            I have been a welding instructor for 15 years and i can see that i have been going about it all wrong, first my welding terms are all incorrect, second technique sucks and last i gotta find a way to attach my chipping hammer to the wire brush. I truly have failed my students!!!!!!LOL
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              All these comments made me laugh so hard!!! But true, instead of blowing on it, I'm surprised he didn't cool it off with his tongue or some spit! No gloves, no light, the kid laughing in the background probably got burned after the video was made, and like my friend always said:
              "Stupid people shouldn't breed"
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                Originally posted by weldckr View Post
                i gotta find a way to attach my chipping hammer to the wire brush.
                well ya see what joo got too doo iz take yer clampythang, stick a stick in it ,and stick it together.oh wait kant fergit ground,and start welding in a nice bead fashin
                my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
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                  Originally posted by shorerider16 View Post
                  Anybody stop to think that this guy may just be screwing around for fun? I don't necsesarily condone this sort of behaviour when it comes to serious matter such as welding, but...
                  Yeah, watching his other videos, I got that impression that he was just trying to be Johnny Knoxville from those MTV "Jackass" videos.


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                    Originally posted by GMAN View Post
                    Look to me like he is atempting to weld inside his house!!!

                    dabar39 I agree with you.
                    my girlfriend has welded in the kitchen,,, forgot the pot was on the stove
                    went off and burner/pot ,and throw the old one in the scrap pile

                    also tryin to bring the thread alive for them who aint seen it
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                    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
                    feel free to P/M me


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                      Gee...thanks. I hadn't seen it I wished I hadn't. While watching it, several brain cells committed suicide. I couldn't even finish it for fear of loosing more. I needs all I kin git.

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                        Originally posted by Steeldriver View Post
                        Well that's four minutes of my life I'll never get back.
                        I quit about 2 min. I suspect all those years he spent on the short bus influenced his perceptions of ability.