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    Hi new to the forum. I was wondering on idea's and help with building my press for my shop. I mainly need it for removing bearings and installing bearings. And probably a few other things. Any help would be appreciate Thanx

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    Here is mine. I have since went with a 12t jack instead of the 6t shown...Bob
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    Bob Wright

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      hi, you may want to look at the harbor freight 20 ton press. It maybe cheaper than building it. Like its said here, "why buy it for $200 when you can build it for $300'' ! Here is the press. Make sure to use a 20% off coupon too. You should buy it for $159 which has been the going price. just a thought.


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        Because if you build it you can actually have decent welds on your press. And you can put an American made ram on it. If that kind of thing matters to you.

        If not, just buy the cheapest chinese junk you can find, fund the chinese military, employ slave/convict labor and enjoy your press, I guess.

        JT, Made in the USA
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          real nice job bob, i make most of my fixtures like that also, but i did buy a cheapy press, at the time i was burnt out with building things, i needed a press so i bought one for setting up ring and pinions, one thing i know, if it is home built, and done right, it will be far superior than any import


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            i bought the 20t harbor freight press as well. got it for just over 100 on sale. i will build my own cradel for it sometime soon to have a wider mouth for more versitility.

            if you want to build one by all means do it.. if your only pressing bearings and stuff like that go on craigslist and find a used one. time= money i can spend $300 in materials and a day or two of labor building one or i can buy one in the morning and make $400 in the 2 days of time doing other jobs. just my opinion. i agree with buying things that are american made but there is a point where practicalliaty comes in to play. i buy american vehicles and run them on e85 when i can find it...if i bought everything that was american made i couldnt afford to eat.


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              Originally posted by Seans363 View Post
              ...if i bought everything that was american made i couldnt afford to eat.
              This! Haha.

              We have a HF one here at the shop that we have been using for years. It doesn't see heavy use and it works when needed.


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       has a DIY Kit that also comes with bender for $149


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                  Wait till you put a little too much pressure on that Chinese piece of junk and it folds up on you!