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    I also posted this over on the Hobart site, but thought some of my True Blue friends might wanna look/see too.

    I'm in the middle of building a new welding table (which will be the topic of a future post) but the table is utilizing 2" receiver pieces in key areas for supporting a plasma cutting tray, vise, etc.
    Over the weekend, I did the vice support. Now, some of the old guys on here could whip one of these up in a matter of minutes, but I'm a little slower.
    Here is the vice and the receiver:

    Here are the parts: The plate was plasma cut using the cheapo chinese Parker plasma cutter from some scrap 3/16" stuff I had laying around. I actually removed the base section of the vice and used it as the actual torch guide for the plasma cutter, then cleaned/touched it up on a Wilton 4200A. The 4 triangular pieces are scrap from 45 degree cuts on some 1" angle I did for the frame for the plasma cutting section that I'm building for the table.

    Here they are welded out:

    And here is everything primed/painted, fitted and installed on the table:

    This is nothing fancy but it was a nice little welding project over the weekend plus it put me one step closer to finishing my table.

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    good job on that there thingy right there

    nex time you should resize your pics
    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
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      Looks good, I was gonna do something similar with my vice but got in a hurry and needed it mounted one day so just blew holes in the table top and bolted it down. My table is only 3x3, and i cuss myself everyday for not making it bigger. At the time it seemed big enough, but as I get more into larger projects, I find myself on the floor again, guess its time for a new one.
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        excellent work, definately need to do that soon!
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          Very nice work. I'm going to be building a vise support for my new truck. Never thought of pulling the base off the vise for a patern and yet I patern cut all the time. Think I'll give it a try.


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            I'll be stealing this idea and making sure the tube is the same size as the receiver hitch on my truck.



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              Thanks guys....It was late when I took the pics and resizing was the last thing on my mind....sorrry bout that.
              That 2" receiver hitch material is pretty hard stuff compared to just regular mild steel. I bought a couple of pieces of it for use on the table. 2" tube fits in it pretty good for this application. Anytime I've mounted a vice to a table directly, it always seems to eventually get in the way of something I'm working on. This way, I can take it off, move it to the other side, etc. This new table is 48" X 50" and probably STILL not big enough...
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              Stars & Stripes BWE signed by Andy

              TA185TSW w/Miller Radiator 1
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