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  • Newbie welder..

    Hey everybody Im new to the forum and I have only been in welding for 6 months and Im really starting to get interested in TIG... I go to a vocational school that has pumped out the last 4 state champions for South Carolina. What my main question is. How do I run a bead without undercut. I have asked my teacher and he says to feed more filler rod in which makes sense but is there another method I can add to this or no? How do you guys do when it comes to TIG? I can stick and MIG but TIG is by far the thing I want to do the most. Thanks in advance - Kyle

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    welcome kyle.undercut on tig beads is still under the same principle as mig and must keep a short arc length about 1/8 inch.keep the arc pointed towards the wire end, may need less amps,base metal may need cleaning.But its mainly welding horizontal on a vertical surface that starts to create undercut.hold the tig torch a little below the weld with the tungsten pointed with any type of welding undercut worsens as the base metal heats up.if you have to feed in more wire to try to prevent this then you are doing something wrong.but im not trying so say feeding wire is a bad thing.i feed it in from the root to the final cap, to speed things up.its just that if undercut is happening then a correction mentioned above is needed.
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      can someone post a pic of what undercut looks like ...