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Thanks guys for the kind words and payers but I need one more favor

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  • Thanks guys for the kind words and payers but I need one more favor

    Hey guys this may be out of line but could you add my old dog to your prayers. She was diagnosed wih cancer today and while I am in surgery tommorrow the 15th I am having my daughter to come in town to get me a second opinion. My wife and I love this old dog, she is just a mutt but a good one. She is only 6 years old and her name is Dixie.
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    One dog added!

    Both you and Dixie will fair well no matter what. Back straight, chin up, tail out and snout up! Let's get this mess cleaned up and done with so healing can begin and you and Dixie can get after some new projects.

    Via Con Dias,

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      I hope she will be ok. I know how it is to love a dog like this. I have two that I consider part of the family.