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what male plug and female outlet used

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  • what male plug and female outlet used

    I got the sync 200 but don't want to hard wire it. If you didn't hardwire yours what male plug for 60amps and female outlet for 60amps did you use,I can only find 50amp. Thanks

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    60 amp plug

    Chances are you are looking in a Lowes or Home Depot kind of a store. 50 amp plugs and receptacles are as high as they go. You will probably have to go to a electrical supply house to find the 60 amp plug and receptacle. However, seeing that you are going to be hooking both the plug and receptacle up you can use the 50 amp plug and receptacle (matched set)
    There is no difference in the structure of the two different amp sizes. The nema specs of the plug blades are different so that they can be identified as to what amps they are for. (example) If you sold your welder with the 50 amp plug on the end of it the buyer may assume that, 50 amps is what the welder is rated for and would set up his control box with a 50 amp breaker only to find that when he maxed out the welder the breaker would trip because it was trying to draw towards 60 amps. Use the 50 amp plug if getting a 60 is to much trouble but either take the plug off the welder or be sure to tell the buyer that the unit is rated for 60 amp not 50 amp if you decide to sell it. Good Luck.