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anyone else pick up scrap

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    Originally posted by Vicegrip View Post
    3. Wives cannot differentiate “Previously used material” from trash. Use the cover of darkness or misdirection when storing found materials.
    truer words have not been spoken. My wife did not understand some of the crap I keep until one day I saved her with a random piece of "junk". Now it's just all met with a silent rolling of the eyes.
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      I got a hard time about saving scrap. Until some of it turned into a smoker.


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        Nice smoker by the way, I like the 20MM ammo can for the clean out door. I think I'll steal that idea for the one I want to build. Never thought of them.


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          nice smoker

          is that an air tank for the fire box?


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            The firebox is actually an old propane tank for a forklift. I never knew they made them out of steel. The ammo box was an afterthought. I installed that after I realized I wouldn't have anywhere for the ash to fall. It warped while welding into place so I had to reinforce it with some 1/4"X1/4" angle (I think that's right, It was the smallest stuff the store had.) And I welded one of the latches shut so it works as a great hinge. The cooking chamber door isn't cut straight but I got a decent seal with it, and some of the welds are a bit ugly, but overall, It does a really good job. If you're interested in using the ammo box, lemme know I can send you some more detailed pics of the necessary mods.


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              Fortunately I work with a guy that collects and sells any kind of scrap metal he can get his hands on. He parks his trailer at our shop. Him and I have an understanding that I can take whatever I need, in return, he gets all my scrap and any copper or brass I come upon. I stocked up my shelves pretty well and also got a name of a good supplier out of it.

              Got a lot of W-21 I-Beams near Lancaster, Pa if anyone is interested, I think some are W-19. I'll post a seperate thread on them someday once I have the list together. Most are 40' long, a few are 30'. I believe there are 12 in all.

              What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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                I went to the sheet metal shop down the road the other day to gather up some pieces for a project.I haven't been in a while but anyway they have a new shop foreman, my friend moved up and in the office. I asked him for a price on some scrap stainless sheet he informed me there was no such thing everything in his shop was drops. I still love to gather scrap for projects, but it is getting harder to find