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    Spray foam?

    Originally posted by Rubiconmike View Post
    You can get you're tires filled with foam
    so they never go flat.
    The grips in the movies do that.
    Is that right?
    How you do that?
    can you do it with the spray foam in a can or you need special equipment?


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      Finished this "Happy Cat" for a woman today...
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      sigpicJim Young


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        Originally posted by Sherweld View Post
        This was made from 100% scrap and recycled materials. Maybe I should have painted it green ...
        Thats one of the coolest little welding carts i've ever seen. very nice work!
        Dynasty 200DX
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          Just learning TIG...............
          Dartmouth, MA

          Millermatic 185 MIG
          Miller Diversion 165
          Purox W200 O/A
          Grizzly 9957 Mill
          Grizzly 4030 Metal Band Saw
          Grizzly 1050 Knife Belt Sander
          Jet 1236 Metal Lathe
          TP Blast Cabinet


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            Here are a few of my latest:

            A spacer for stacking pie-plates in the fridge, folds for storage.

            A rough prototype Christmas tree holder. I'll clean this up and make it dissasemble after we are done with it.

            A Shelf for fitting a plant on a narrow window ledge:

            More (and larger) images, with explanations can be found on my Smugmug page here.

            Thanks for looking.



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              for the tire foam stuff we got a two part stuff from john deere dealer took valve cores out tire. mixed up stuff poured through valve stem and let it do its thing after 20 minutes or so snipped the stuff that had squirted back out and had a solid tire. it was the caster wheels on the front of a large mower after the tires fell apart we were still able to run the foam rubber wheel for a few days.
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                Yard man
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                Be safe

                Give more than you get and
                you will get more than ya need.
                This is true for the good and bad
                that life puts out.


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                  Jewery box for my sister out of 0.080" aluminum, tig welding, polishing and glass bead blasting it.

                  Thermal Arc 185TSW, Lincoln SP135+, 4-post automotive hoist, 2x media blast cabinets, 50 ton press, 80gal air compressor, 4-1/2"x6" bandsaw, 4'x4' Torchmate CNC table with plate marker, Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter, ultrasonic cleaning stations


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                    30 to 40 pair shoe rack

                    My father-inlaw asked me to make him an aluminum shoe rack for xmass.
                    It is framed with 3/4" x 1/8" square tubing and the runners are 3/4x1/16" angle. I had a hard time trying to present it in photo's but here it is.
                    Oh, btw, the cat is my biggest fan.
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                    • Here's a fun little project.
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                      Millermatic 135
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                      • Blowproof Bellhousing

                        I build the engines for an Alfa Romeo spider that we've been running at Bonneville for the last 10 years. We started with an Alfa transmission, but quickly found out that it couldn't handle the horsepower of the turbocharged engine . . . so the replacement (Muncie M22) required a custom bellhousing. I also decided to move the starter behind the ring gear to make room for a larger intercooler.

                        Here's the finished product . . . made from 1/4 inch mild steel.
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                        Smith AR/He Mixer


                        • Blowproof Bellhousing
                          I dont know man, looks a bit weak. LOL
                          That thing is a work of art, very nice JOB!!!
                          Be safe

                          Give more than you get and
                          you will get more than ya need.
                          This is true for the good and bad
                          that life puts out.


                          • mail box

                            Originally posted by 35mastr View Post
                            Now this one is really cool.Does it have a door somewhere that locks?
                            sorry it took so long to get back but im not to up on how this works. yes it has a door no lock needed in my location though. i built it because i never knew where to look for any packages. sometimes in my other truck or one of the out buildings or in middle of drive. will post with door open ,hope pic is not to big.
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                            • this

                              This is about the only thing that ive made up mostly by myself.
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                              serious welder lol!!!!

                              hobart 140 handler
                              dewalt mitor saw
                              makita grinder
                              dewalt saw
                              dewalt drill gun
                              a nice hammer
                              and some clamps


                              • If that had...

                                If that had hay or insulation in it, and no door it would be quiet a big doghouse. My heighbors would s*&^ it they saw soething that big on my street. I love it though! Big green mailbox.
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                                The one DANO!