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What's the best welder and how does a multiprocess work?

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  • What's the best welder and how does a multiprocess work?

    We lost our shop in a fire a year ago and lost everything including a miller 200 and a miller thunderbolt arc welder. A friend is letting us borrow a Hobart 250 for now but it doesn't weld like a miller. I would like to find a good multiprocess welder to replace the old ones. I am looking at a miller xmt 304 with a wire feeder but i'm not sure if it's what I want. The school has a miller xmt 300 with a wire feeder and it gives power to the tip all the time (even when the button is not depressed). Do all miller multiprocess welders with wire feeders do this?

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    The wire should not be hot all the time,If I remember the 300 is the inverter version of the Shopmaster 300.There should be a switch on the panel marked "REMOTE" ,it should be in the remote position which will turn off the contactor when you release the trigger.
    Another option to look at for a muti-process machine is the Miller Shopmate
    HTH Bill


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      the xmt 304 and lincoln inverted 350 are nice multip process machines, easily moveable, lots of power, nice arc

      sound like the remote switch was in the wrong position, wire shouldnt be hot all the time
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        Any of the multi process inverters from Miller or Lincoln (I can't believe I just said that... ) are beautiful machines. The have lots of capacity, very nice arcs, lots of adjustability, are efficient and of course they are also very portable.

        I also third the remote output theory. If your output is set to on while in the wire feed mode (Lincolns will do this, don't know about the Millers) the tip will be hot, the output needs to be set to remote in order for the powersources contactor to function.
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          I have the XMT 350 CC/CV and have added the optional gas solenoid for TIG. It's awesome; perfect arc and lots of power, even if it's just DC. I'm not sure if the 304 has that option. Good luck.
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            im using a XMT-304 at school.. im loving it so much ive been keepin my eye out for used ones..