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ideas to secure welder in garage

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    Originally posted by marblearch View Post

    With 12 days standby, it would be ideal, especially if it transmitted through the outer casing of a welder etc.
    Does that mean it has to be taken out every 12 days ad recharged or does it stay charged and will last 12 days once activated?

    Having to recharge something every 12 days would not be practical.


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      Our shop security system is a huge rottweiler named Heinz, they'd have to shoot him to stop him. He's low maintenance, no batteries required!
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        Originally posted by Frank R View Post
        Does that mean it has to be taken out every 12 days ad recharged or does it stay charged and will last 12 days once activated?

        Having to recharge something every 12 days would not be practical.
        Hi, when you switch it on it is on standby and will last for 12 days ready to receive a call.

        This is the same as your cellphone that will last forever (almost) on standby as long as it is connected to the charger.....but when you remove it and go walkabout with the phone on standby the phone will last as long as the charge in the battery.

        The security device could be wired into the input power source of your welder etc, and will remain charged and on standby forever (almost) while the welder is connected to the power source, but if it gets unplugged when someone steals it, you have 12 days to track it down......bags of time.

        The plan would be to place it say under a circuit board out of sight and wired into the welder input, so that the battery is kept must ensure the welder is plugged into an outlet and the outlet is switched on all the time, even though the welder itself is switched off.


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          I know this is a older posting but , Id say Put bars over the outside of the windows and doors and have the bolts long enough so you can hook your new welder up to them on the inside.? F*CK Them Theifs!


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            Two things will make a thief think twice. How long and how much noise it is going to take him to get in and how easy is it going to be for him to get out and away, once he has chosen what he wants,remember he wants in and out fast.
            A woman close by purchased a big flat screen TV just before Christmas, left the box at the trash. Well the TV was gone withing two weeks. If you get another toy, destroy the box, I never advertize a purchase.
            All of my electrical hand tool's are chained together, it would stop any idea of a quick getaway.
            Your compressor was unplugged, they saw the prevention system and did not bother.
            A dwarf could not get in through my window, bars welded inside, door opening would take time and make a lot of noise.
            The movie "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" has a cage built inside a doorway, you need space for that idea but your stuff would be safe.
            One problem today is, battery skill saw's.


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              Originally posted by jmpgino View Post
              One problem today is, battery skill saw's.
              Thats the kind of truth that nobody want to think about. Port-a-Door.


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                And a battery powered grinder will make quick (but noisy) work of any padlock no matter how "hardened" the shackle.

                I like to make steel protection boxes around any place I put a padlock. Yes the grinder with a cutoff wheel could get through it without a problem, but it extends the time the theif has to stand there in public view making lots of noise. It also keeps the rain out of the padlock, so you know it'll open in any kind of weather.

                A theif with an O/A or plasma is going to be nearly impossible to stop (concrete bunker???). Fortunately most theives aren't smart enough to operate O/A or plasma!

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                  Well you guys covered just about everything. One thing not covered is tire spikes.

                  They will need a vehicle to carry off most shop items. If they are fixing flats they have no time to rob.

                  You can make tire spikes that wont go through your shoe but will a tire. I use two sets of just 1" pipe with angle cut 1/2" pipe spikes on them. My shop is behind the house where I don't usually drive and toss them aside when I do.

                  I use trip wires for those coming out of the woods. A spring loaded device that fires a nail gun blank if you walk through the wire. No little kids around here, yet.

                  I also use the common things. Six levels in all but still might add a few more.

                  Would like to find some metal replica fake guns to leave out. They'll grab those and haul butt while leaving the tools behind.


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                    this might be useful, an electrified box with a key powered switch:




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                      I was at a big offroad race recently. One of the big-name fabrication companies left a hypertherm 65 and MM251 out front and plugged into their generator so that if you needed to work on your race truck you could just drive up and fix it. The irony was that both items were chained to the post.

                      They chained a plasma cutter up that had an air supply and power! HAHAHA. The owner of the company and I had some good laughs about that incredible idea!
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                        I looked into GPS tracking after I got a motor cycle stolen a couple of months ago.
                        What I learned was that you eithe have to pay for a subscription or have a HAM radio license.

                        There are some nice units that provide electric fence notification. (if the tracker leaves your property you get a notification sent to your phone.)

                        I dont understand how the euro cell service monitoring works. Do you have to get a plan?



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                          I like your idea. Got any pics of the spikes?


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                            I have a few ideas on securing things using either of these 2 types of locks.


                            I saw an idea where the lock is recessed in a piece of pipe so I would use that idea to prevent someone from getting bolt cutters or a battery powered cut off wheel in there.

                            I was thinking of securing a plate to the floor where I would always 'park' the welder and have a 2 pieces of pipe welded to the floor plate. Then when the welder cart was backed into position its piece of welded on pipe would go between the other 2 pieces welded to the floor.

                            Then a smaller pipe could be inserted in the three with a solid rod inside the smaller pipe (loose) so could not be cut even if they could cut through the bigger pipes. A piece of plate would be on one end butting against the pipe on the floor as a stop for the smaller pipe (rod) on one end.

                            On the other end one of the two locks shown could be recessed inside a piece of pipe just barely larger than the lock itself and a piece of thick strap could extend through a hole for the shackle to lock to. This thick piece of strap would be welded on the smaller pipe.

                            Don't know if that paints a good enough picture of what I'm considering.