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    Originally posted by shorerider16 View Post
    Like the others said, most any good quality auto darkening helmet will protect you from the UV and Infared rays even when it is not turned on.
    This seems to be the case for the Speedglas helmets, as it has been nearly 19 hours and my eyes feel fine (knock on wood). Thanks 3M.


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      The Need for a Good Helmet

      I wonder if you can find anything on for advise on treatment or whether or not your eyes suffered any burns. I know you were asking for others to comment about their similar experiences to help ease your mind. However your helmet was in place and the lens still protected your eyes from UV, but not the light intensity.

      This leads me to the subject of quality helmets, you mention that you have a 3M helmet which I have read is a very good helmet. I currently own a $50 Harbor Freight auto darkening helmet with supposedly a 1/25000 lens darkening speed. Well while taking some "tig" lessons from a friend at work who has the Miller "Elite" helmet, I was able to try it out, what a difference between a quality helmet and the HF one. The quality of the lens makes all the difference in the world. As my friend said you can't weld if you can't see, i.e., the puddle. So being concerned about safety and now being aware of what a quality helmet really is, I ordered the Elite helmet myself. Heck for safety sake its not worth going the cheap route.

      "root" keep us posted with your outcome of your condition.
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        Originally posted by bialecki View Post
        Heck for safety sake its not worth going the cheap route.
        I agree 100%. Don't skimp where safety is concerned.

        It has been about 24 hours and I still feel fine. I was just out playing with the welder again, although I now close my eyes for the split second the arc starts (although probably for no really good reason). If I do manage to forget to turn on the helmet again, this time I'll know something is wrong faster since I know how bright it should be now.


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          Ya' know... I should learn to read manuals *completely* someday.

          From the Speedglas manual:

          "Protection from ultra-violet radiation (UV) and infrared radiation (IR) is continuous, whether the ADF is in the light or dark state. In the event of battery or electronic failure, the welder remains protected against UV and IR radiation according to the darkest shade (shade 13)."
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