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Prayers, I need them once more

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  • Prayers, I need them once more

    Hey guys, I am asking for prayers once again. I had my left heel amputated back in Sept,07. The skin graft has began to deteriorate and they are going to try one more time and if in six weeks it fails again, they will amputate my leg below the knee. I will also have surgery at the same time on a very severe bed sore on my butt cheek. Many of you guys don't know but I am a paraplegic and have not walked in nearly sixteen years but I still do a lot of things in my garage and that is how I keep my sanity. I never complain about my problems and never will. I have had a lot of people tell me that you can't walk anyway so why do you worry about an amputation. Well my answer is I like to see it hanging around. I will be confined to bed for at least a month at home and wiil only go out to Dr's follow ups and will have to ride in my specially adapted van and let my wife drive me, I am not looking forward to that. She is a geat woman but after 30plus years I stiil complain about her driving. I can't wait to be able to drive myself again. In all sincerity I would like to thank all of you in advance. I wiil have the surgery on the 15th of Feb.
    I will get back to you guys as soon as possible after I am able to get up again.

    Thank you
    Wheelchair (Bill Green)
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    Well I don't talk to God much but I Imagine he won't mind a Prayer from the veggie

    Best Wishes on a speedy recovery
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      Hi Bill,

      Rest assured you'll be in my prayers tonight. You're gonna be fine! Just keep up with what you're doing... keeping yourself busy with what you can. I can tell you're doing an excellent job with that. Last thing you'd want to do is sit around all day doing nothing and thinking about problems that aren't even there... then slipping to depression. I've been blessed with a good family and a stable job the past few years, it's time to include another soul in my prayers.

      Take care,



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        Wheelchair, Like Broccoli, I'm not in touch with the Lord much but I'll make sure to ring him up tonight for you. Good luck with your surgery and speedy recovery. Keep us posted on your progress when you can. I hope it all works out for the best for you. We'll miss you while you're gone so hurry and get back. Dave
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          Kinda like the rest Bill We will be thinking of you though & hope for the best. Positive thinking goes a long way. Chin up & hang in there.
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            Just when some of us think we have problems, we hear from somebody who is worse for the wear than ourselves. I will be saying prayers for you and wish you a speedy recovery. I went through this with my Dad 3 years ago, he was 79 and sprung back like a spring chicken. I know you can do it and you will, just believe, God will see to it, and let the wife do what she needs to do, Im sure she enjoys doing it. As far as the driving, you should ride with my wife

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              Allready taken care of....

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                You are in my prayers

                Inferno Forge



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                  Good luck sir!!

                  I don't go to church my self but I do talk to the lord everyday. I'll ask him to forget about some of my Requests and instead, send some blessings you'r way
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                    Indeed you are a strong man, if you managed to build stuff for sixteen years when others in your same situation abandoned themself then you have to think of yourself as strong, capable of this and more and above all trust the man upstairs.

                    I want to think you will be back in your shop after this like nothing happened burning wire and having your way with metal.

                    I am praying for you and yours.

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                      I'll add you to my pray list

                      It would be my honor to go to the Lord in prayer on your behalf. I admire your courage and bravery. I will ask that He strengthen and comfort you.

                      Take care and God bless!
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                        Already taken care of....

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                          Our prayers and best wishes are with you as well.


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                            Best Wishes

                            Best wishes and prayers to you my friend. I'm not in the same condition as you but I've been in bed for the past two months waiting to have my left hip replaced. The first replacement lasted 22 years but with my history of past infection, there is a mandatory waiting period.

                            I'll be thinkng of you and others whom I know who have a similar problem.

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                              praying for you

                              Hi wheeelchair, I'm sorry to hear of your condition but I would be glad to lift you and your family to the one true GOD that can heal you only by his hands.

                              Yes he can also use the doctors to mend you but it is his will not mans, remeber he created us all in his image, so that we can tell of his glory
                              priase his name for you health and recovery. All you have to do is ask him and he will hear you before its asked because he is the all knowing GOD of
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