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Question on large pipe

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  • Question on large pipe

    I am making a patio smoker out a 20" pipe. It is 41" longplus the fire box, pipe is 1/4" thick. The concern I have is that the pipe is not exactly round. When I got it home I found that one end a oval shaped, other end is good. I am worried that when I cut the main door out it, the door might change shape and revert back to original shape. Any one have any thought on this?


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    Go to They are all about buildinng smokers, and can anwser about any question you have.
    Tommy Joe


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      i would get it back into round shape, cut the door and so what if it moves, it is only 1/4" mild steel, form it back into is desired shape the best way is cold, no heat


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        Get a cheap hydraulic bottle jack and cut some segments from 1/4" plate to match the proper ID. Three segments T-welded to a 4" wide 1/4" plate will make a good ID "shoe". Make two shoes, one for the base and the other for the ram.

        Jack it up to get it round. Remember, you will have spring back. Unless you weld on the end plate. Get a skinny guy to retrieve the jack. I would do it for a six-pack and a sandwich


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          At those labor prices I could keep a guy busy.