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  • Steel finishing

    Hey folks,

    I'm working on some indoor coffee tables and want to give them a gunmetal/burnished look without having to dip them into a bunch of crazy hot chemicals or spray paint -- I like the look of hotrolled steel but after I grind out the junctions there's the shiny bare matel next to the dark mill scale. Any ideas? The best I've found is:
    Our metal finishes, patinas and metallic coatings are safe and easy to use. They are designed to produce a wide spectrum of colors and finishes on almost any surface!

    I'm working out of my garage and I'd like to keep it simple . . .

    Thanks --

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    oxy fuel rosebud, heat until bright red for a minute or so and let cool.
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      there was another place posted in my to paint or not to paint posting. i'll see if i can find it for you.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
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        I have misted some bare metal projects with a rattle can of flat black paint and when dry, lightly by hand go over with a scuff pad and then clear coat. The paint tones down the shiny areas and has a nice raw metal effect. Home Depot sells Minwax urethane clear spray cans that have UV protecters.
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          I sprayed some salt water on it and it's sitting outside . . . maybe in a few days it'll get less shiny . . .


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            Originally posted by jtn View Post
            I sprayed some salt water on it and it's sitting outside . . . maybe in a few days it'll get less shiny . . .
            It will soon be a nice Rust color If this is what you want it can be a nice finish- just clear coat it.

            If you don't have an O/A set up like Laiky's suggestion you can use a Mapp Torch, which can purchased at any Box Store or Local hardware store
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              You can use cold blue for guns. It makes a nice blue finish. Wax it with Johnson paste wax in the yellow can and forget it.