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32 ft gooseneck car hauler

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    Originally posted by Iron Head
    When you start pricing paint you’ll just about faint! It’s absurd what a gallon of paint cost nowadays, must be a result of the EPA.

    I’ve had real good luck with a primer called DP-40, almost bullet proof! You can use this stuff then a cheaper color topcoat.

    I think you’ll be surprised how much paint you’ll waste painting something like that trailer.
    yep... at work the paint we use is a two part mixture we get from sherwin-williams called macropoxy its stiff stuff. costs like 100 a gallon
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      I found the best thing to use on trailers (in my opinion) is good old Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer and then use Rustoleum Gloss Enamel as a top coat. I've got some trailers that were painted four or five years ago that still look quite good. Easy prep, easy to spray, easy clean up, easy touch up and lasts quite awhile. Another plus to the equation is the price per gallon (about 25 bucks), the ability to mix custom colors and also the ease in which it is found readily available anywhere.

      I can't really see any reason to spend high dollars on painting a piece of equipment that's gonna get used and abused on a frequent basis, every time you drop a chain on it or if the chains rub on it as you go down the road you are peeling money off of it. Me personally, I like my money and hate to waste it when not necessary. Just my opinion, nothing more. Dave
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        dam skippy...
        actually we use it on is exhaust systems for jet engine powered turbinegenerators
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          Paste the above link into your browser. It will take you to the bigtex gooseneck trailer area. It is very important, as you probably already know, to have the wheels far enough back to put about 15 to 25% of the weight on the goosneck hitch. If you click on the download PDF it gives you what looks like dimensions for how far to place the wheels back. One of the most dangerous things that I have ever done way back is building trailers with the axles to far forward and not putting enough weight on the hitch. It will cause dangerous fish tailing and when you put on the brakes to slow down it gets worse. The only thing you can do is let of the gas and ride it out. Anyhow that was with a small trailer built for quads. I now pull a 25' goosneck around with an 18,000 pound backhoe on it. If that trailer ever had a chance to pull up on the hitch it would take the back tires off the ground immediately, and soon after I'm sure I would be wrecking. The trailer your building looks great. I'm in the middle of putting a Flatbed on and F550. And I just got it where I can connect the goosneck and backhoe to it. It's really cool to know that I welded something that is pulling 23,500 lbs behind it.
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            there's a article about useing rustoleum to paint your car in the July 2007 isue of HOT ROD Magizine. they thined it with mineral spirits and rolled it on with a high density roller. there's a thread in the link bellow deticated to this method. looks like it worked prety well for $28.00 in paint.


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              Funny..True Wise and Saver$$$$
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                Please post with pixes after you done with your toy (32' Trailer) and name of your use paints on it...
                Good Luck on your toy...
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