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aluminum with maxstar stl

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  • aluminum with maxstar stl

    New to the forum. Recently picked up a Maxstar stl for a song with the intention of using it for auto/motorsport/farm repair. Now I have a small project requiring the welding of aluminum tubing 2"*2" *.25" thick. 6061. I have read the forum and understand the challenges of welding the aluminum via DC. However, based on the forum it appears it is possible but not optimal. I have the machine and gas (100%argon) already set up, I would appreciate if anyone could give me a starting point for best result given the equipment I already have?

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    I was waiting................

    Welcome to the board!!!

    I saw your post, but have been waiting for one of the aluminum guys to respond to your question. I wouldn't try aluminum with my STL for several reasons. Others here seem to have absolute confidence in welding aluminum with DC. Maybe one of them can chime in and give you some info.

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