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Looking for good equipment trailer plans

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  • Looking for good equipment trailer plans

    I've been combing the net trying to find a good set of plans for a tilt deck car/equipment trailer (tandem axle - 7 to 8000# GVWR). There are a few out there, ranging from $10 up to $50, but it's hard to tell from looking at the various sites what exactly the plans include (i.e. will it be two or three photocopied pages from a 30 year old Popular Mechanics magazine or an actual set of tried and true blueprints?) I have a nice collection of pictures of what I want to build but no plans.

    Does anyone have any recommendations (or even a set of plans!)?

    I may have to draft up my own plan...

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    I built 500 trailers but no tilt equip jobs. Here are some pics and if you see anything that catches you eye holler and i will help you out...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Go buy a single axle trailer andbe done with it .......... cost you less in the long run .......... I've built a ton of them and GOT PAID........... you have to figure in the tongue weight and length of trailer to put your axle ......BTW ......... a double axle trailer is the way to go ....... ya get 1 flat ya got 3 more tires plus the tire will wear 2 X's longer..... just advice you asked for


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        Northern Tool has good plans. I built a utility trailer using them. The plans are about 24" x 36". They have a good selection of them.


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          Thanks for the replies. That's the thing with buying plans online, you never can be sure what you're actually getting - or that it is exactly what you want (yes I've been down that road before).

          Aametalmaster, those are some nice trailers you've built. I'll drop you an e-mail to talk some things over...

          Thx again...