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  • **Forum Merge Updates**

    The time has come to relay some important information regarding the forum merge, categories and time tables.

    At this point we are shooting for Feb 25 (might be later) for combining the forums under one sign-in screen. The site may be down for the day.

    We have taken into consideration most of your category concerns and limited them to only three.

    The categories will be:
    * Welding Projects (all current project threads will reside here)
    * Welding discussions (all PREVIOUS motorsports threads will be placed here since it would be difficult to sift through and separate them)
    * Motorsports (a new "clean slate" forum that will hopefully have a stronger motorsports focus)

    For members that have the same sign in names but different email addresses listed on both forums now or you have a common email address listed but your sign in name is different, I have been trying to contact each member to get his/her preference for the new system. If you have not responded yet, please do so.

    The new URL will be the same as the current Projects board. We did actually move the board to a new URL at the same time we performed the recent software upgrade. The new URL is:

    We will have redirects in place, so if you forget to update your bookmarks, you'll still be covered!

    On merge day, we will merge the motorsports board into the projects board. Post counts from the two boards will be combined, so there'll be no losses there. One note, however, is that if you have two accounts with the same usernames and e-mail, but separate passwords, you will need to use the password from your projects account after the merge to log in. If you have the same username and e-mail, I'd *assume* you would've already chosen the same password for both accounts, but I thought I'd give you fair warning as I'm not able to view passwords in order to compare members' accounts.

    I will be paying close attention after the merge to fix any unforeseen bugs or account issues.

    Thanks to all for your input regarding this change and for your patience in the near future while the moves are going live.
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    Great....See you all there...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      It's all good all the time!!


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        About time... good news.