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We need some qualified fabricators!

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  • We need some qualified fabricators!

    we are looking for qualified fabricators that want to build smokers to join our program. here is a link to get in touch with us...
    @smokerbuilder facebook page

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    No you aren't. You are advertising your website
    Gordie -- "I believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."


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      i am advertising my site... but i am also trying to find builders for my customers who buy my plans.
      I figured this would be a great place to find fabricators like myself and turn some work their way.... if you're offended at that, i will withdraw my offer.
      maybe you dont need the business?
      @smokerbuilder facebook page


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        Originally posted by Nitesky View Post
        No you aren't. You are advertising your website
        what information do you have that would make you reply with this comment? did you see the form on the page that the link sends you to? there is a drop down menu on the subject box that not only gives you the option of finding a builder but also it gives you the option of BECOMING one.
        @smokerbuilder facebook page


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          still looking for builders.

          we have northwest Missouri, Central Missouri, Virginia, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and North Carolina covered now. anyone else want in?

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            Critizism Is Justified

            You are BLATANTLY Advertizing your Website on this forum and you show you don't know anything about smoke or the transfer of heat.
            In order to get heat transfer and smoke the full length of the smoker, the stack needs to be on the oposite end of the smoker from the fire box. The firebox is the highest source of heat and anything close to it will cook at a higher temperature. That is why some of the best smokers are so long and have multiple hatches for the placement of different meats. Also, the Verticle Warming/Heating cabinet, should be at the opposite end of the smoker from the firebox. One of your designs shows the cabinet directly above the firebox, the hottest place on the entire unit.
            You won't get anyone from Texas to build for you because there are WAY TOO MANY Smoker manufactures here already. There are about 25 in the Texas Panhandle alone and some of the best are made wherever the steel distributors are located around the state. Also, the best smoker use heavier metal than 1/4" steel, moe like 3/8" and 1/2" on the cooking chamber, helps with heat retention and control.
            Furthermore, you have chosen to advise people to cut on one of the most dangerous items to ever cut on, PROPANE TANKS. Yes, people have successfully cut these tanks, using extreme caution and practices many people may not fully understand. However, many people have been hurt cutting propane tanks, even using the best known practices for safety.
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              well I sure didn't expect that kind of a reply.
              I tell ya what, I have been smoking meat on this style of smoker for many years. If you actually do some research on the "Reverse Flow" style smoker, and if you would have actually read the Blog article I wrote telling you some of how they work you would not have accused me of being a fraud. you may be from texas, and there may be many builders there that also build smokers, but you really should try to understand these things before you start a flame war over this.
              Don't take my word alone for the reverse style smokers. ask some of the other members on here about how they perform. You know nothing of my credentials and furthermore you know nothing of my experience in this field. as far as the safety factor of cutting the propane tank open, if it is full of water, HOW may I ask will it "blow up" or "catch on fire"? also you know nothing of my credentials or experience with this either.

              I am advertising my website to a point on this forum, but only to that point...
              I am offering an opportunity to fellow fabricators, who I may point out may be suffering from the economy and simply trying to keep their businesses on the road. this opportunity could be used as a tool to add a significant income to their situations. I have not tried to use this thread as a source of income for me, or to drive potential customers to my site. I have only linked to a single post that contains a contact form that may be used to contact me. I have noty made continuous posts on here to try to "sell" anything to anyone. I have a total of 5 posts now including this one, of which 3 of them are defending my purpose with this post.
              if the site managers wish to remove this thread and even my membership, so be it. I still will welcome anyone from this community to participate in our program.
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                by the way... this offer is not asking people to build them for me!!!!
                it is asking for a network of builders for me to send my customers to! I make no money or profit from the builders at all. I simply sell my designs to my customers and if they need someone to build it for them, i give them the builders name closest to them.
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                  one more thing,
                  about the comment that "you show you don't know anything about smoke or the transfer of heat."
                  I have been moving heat and smoke from one spot to the other since 1994.
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                    Hi everyone, its been a long time since I have posted. Life is crazy these days and nights, I still peak in and check out whats up every now and then.

                    This thread kinda took a stab at myself.

                    The way I see it, I know just enough about welding to get myself in trouble but I muddle thru. Many thanks to ones that have helped me out along the way.

                    But when I read about the smokers is where it grabbed my attention.

                    I know far more about smoking then I do about welding and I must voice my opinion this time. I seldom talk smack on Anyone!!!!!

                    flukecej.....for you to say a reverse flow is junk and will never work is like someone coming here and saying that an inverter welder wont work just because it cant.

                    You are correct in saying that texas has many builders and they could very well have there own way.

                    Here ya go partner, check this link out, its a texas built pit OH MY.
                    The East Texas Smoker Company - "Contender"

                    Cool your jets dude,,,,,do a little research before you go and try and ROAST someone.

                    My reverse flow holds temps across the grate within 5 degrees, this is from personal experince.

                    Sorry to everyone else for the slight rant but I took it as a personal slam when he started talkin smack on reverse flow rigs.

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