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My first "big" project

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    Truly a custom rack. You put a lot of thought into this project and designed and built it to suit YOUR needs. Well worth whatever it may have cost you even if it did exceed the 2,500.00 price tag of a factory built rack. Everything about your build is first rate!

    I especially enjoyed the photos showing the build, they were clear and you could actually tell what was going on in them.

    I can say only one thing about your project.... WELL DONE!!!
    Blondie (Owner C & S Automotive)

    Colt the original point & click interface!

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      Great work - really neat build and welding.


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        A G.I. ammo can trick is to put hasps or U-bolts thru the center slot on the lid-securing flaps (or make a centered slot as required) and padlock them. One padlock is enough to keep the lid from ejecting if you forget to latch it.

        Large padlocked ammo cans are used for controlled broken tools and precious scrap in toolrooms, while small padlocked cans get a slot cut in the top for "coffee fund" drop boxes.

        Thru-bolting to the bench to benchtops keeps the whole box from wandering off...


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          Looks great man! Maybe a expanded metal sunroof guard would top it off that way if you go wheeling in the woods and your light guard bar knocks a branch loose it won't come down and smash out your sunroof