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amperage and volt for spray arc?

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  • amperage and volt for spray arc?

    Can you HELP ME? What is the proper volt setting (+ or -3 volts) and amperage setting (+ or -20 amps) for spray arc with .068 wire FCAW:confused

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    try this link it might help

    good luck


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      I might be out of line here but to the best of my knowledge, Flux Core does not "spray" as a solid wire will. It is more of a globular transfer. If you are used to true MIG spray then FC will seem more like short circuit running on the high side. Don't forget, some of that diameter is taken up by the flux rolled inside the wire so the actual effective diameter is less than that listed on the spool.


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        It depends on what kind of flux core wire you are using. Some do work in a spray transfer, but most utilize a globular transfer. Any of the flux core that uses CO2 or 75/25 will be a globular transfer.
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