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Tilting Trailer to haul Slingshot Dragster

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  • Tilting Trailer to haul Slingshot Dragster

    I am looking for ideas for a tilting trailer to haul a dragster. The dragster itself will be 200 inch wheelbase and will be between 4 and 5 feet wide. Weight will be between 1200-1500 pounds.

    I would like to use a 4 inch drop axle to keep deck height as low as posible and to keeps ramps from being too long I would like the deck to tilt without unhooking the hitch. I would also like to use a single axle and keep GVW under 3000 lbs to avoid yearly state inspections.(PA) I relize single axle and 3k weight may not be doable.

    Anyone here ever build a trailer like this or have plans they could share,ideas??

    Frank aka The Weekend Welder

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    i haven't built a trailer in quite a while, but i found this on google search.
    I shows 3,500# 4" dropped axles in many sizes. The rest would be engineering a tilt system and latching mech. I think i would go with hydraulic to operate the tilt as drag cars have more weight in rear half, unless you plan on backing or winching it on rear first. Just a couple ideas after a couple of drinks.