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MM 250x acting up

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  • hotrod45
    Just wondering if you solved the problem. On mine it was the circuit board and it looks like after 3 years since the last replacement I need another one. What was the cost and where did you get one, if it was the circuit board on yours?

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  • uhohjim
    started a topic MM 250x acting up

    MM 250x acting up

    Hello All I've got a MM250 x thats been acting a little strange at work today. No matter how much i adjusted amps and wire speed it wouldn't dial in so to speak.Would go from one extreme to the other either a cold weld laying the bead on top with what seemed like minimal penetration....or hot lots of undercut with no uniformity........Any suggestionson what it might be,,,,was welding 1/2 inch plate to 1/4 inch tube.....with .030 wire.......I've seen threads in here about the mm250 but i canr't seem to get them on the search function so any info /ideas would be welcome.
    thanx Jim