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at the risk of being repetitive....

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  • at the risk of being repetitive....

    ..i've made some more outdoor furniture, lol.

    this is the first in a set which will eventually, when i find the time to build it all, comprise of 2x 1 seater benches (as per this one), 2x 2 seater benches, and 1 6 seater dining table.

    thankfully all of this lot is staying with me unlike the last two pieces.

    the benches will all be made of 304 grade 38mmx38mmx1.6mm stainless steel with a picture-framed Kwila/Merbau slatted timber top. the dining table will be 50x50x1.6mm stainless with the same timber top only accomodating 2 or 3 black granite inlays up the middle to place hot dishes/trays on.

    the tables are fully tig welded and dressed/blended in visible areas with a grinder. i like to use fiber sanding discs for the blending, it seems to help me avoid undercutting and gouging

    hope you enjoy the pics, it was a satisfying project with the picture-framed top giving it a little bit extra over straight slats i reckon

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    gret lookling table. I love the wood and stainless together. Nicely done.


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      Very nice...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Agree, first rate.


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          Absolutely Gorgeous!

          What equipment are you using?


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            thanks guys,

            i'm using pretty basic equipment- a standard 4x6 bandsaw, small 170amp stick/lift tig inverter, a variable speed angle grinder and a miter saw for the wood.

            there are many points along the way on these projects that i wish i'd saved up and bought a tig unit with HF start, especially doing the more awkward tacks for the tabletop bracing when i'm pretty much grinding my tungsten every tack


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              Nice blending / polishing work at the mitre joints.
              West coast of Florida


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                Originally posted by Ltbadd View Post
                Nice blending / polishing work at the mitre joints.
                Absolutely gorgeous work at the mitre joints!
                I admire your detail and the sanitary and consistent finish overall!