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  • moisture+equipment

    I got home today and went out to the shop,well the garage. It has been raining all day, temp. about 55. The ground had been frozen but the storm front brought higher temps. and rain.
    Everything was cavered with condensation, table, welders, lights.....

    My question is will this hurt my equipment internally? I know it is not good for it, I started a fire in the wood stove to help dry things out. I did not turn anything on for fear of bad things.

    The new shop should be done in a couple months but til then?

    Thanks to all.

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    I don't think one time will cause much damage, I had the same here in NE Ohio yesterday and today. I didn't even open the door so the moist warm air wouldn't condensate on the welders. Checked tonight and things were dry thankfully.


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      Ok Guy one time advice...........go and get the blue tubes they sell at a welding supply ...........I.E. Miller dealer.........keep your rods and fillet rods in them...........if ya gotta buy 20 buy 20 of them .........each type of raod for each container........they usually hold 10- lbs. and tig rods 5 lbs............AKA>>>>>>>>>>>DON'T EVER WORRY ABOUT THEM BEING DAMP/WET..... I DO THIS WITH MY MOBILE UNIT THAT'S OUTSIDE 24/7...........DRYER THEM A POPCORN FART..........


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        Tonight much dryer. Thanks stronics, you seem to have the same conditions. I worry about moisture damage. The tig is my most concern, but all of my equipment has been hard earned.
        The new shop can not get done quick enough, but I need dry or frozen ground to finish it. I know be patient.

        Thank you Tom C. I do need to keep my filler dry, I do not do much SMAW but I have alot of rod. I have thought about an ammo can with a desicant bag inside.

        The moisture was on anything metal, I try to take care of my stuff, I do beat it when needed but I don't want it to be damaged by moisture inside.

        I can wait till tomarrow to fire things up (thank god) I should still be on time, just a small job this time but I don't want to be late.

        Thanks again.


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          I have the same problem here, NE Ohio also. It looks like someone used a firehose in my shop. I sprayed everything i wanted to keep shiney with WD40 and its still perfect and everything else is rusty. It sucks big time...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            Originally posted by tnjind View Post
            Everything was cavered with condensation, table, welders, lights.....
            This occurs when the temperature of the items is below the dew point of the air. Remember if it is happening on the outside, it is also happening on the inside of your equipment. This is not a problem for items that are designed to work under water. However, for ALL other equipment it is a problem. Fortunately, all you have to do to get the moisture to re-absorb into the air is heat the air in your shop. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold and it will wick the water from your stuff like a sponge. If you heat the air without "stirring" it, the inside dries at the same rate as the outside. Also, a convenient way to protect your rods is by putting them an old refrigerator with a light bulb burning.

            I hope this helps,
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              while i would rather wait for a machine to dry before using it, modern welders can take alot. the Lin Elec units on our boom lifts are outside in the rain and snow day and night and never miss a beat. Same goes for Miller CMTs that Ive seen get real wet and snowy and never fail. Ive been on sites where the four packs sit outside for a year on end. also we run engine drives when its so icy that the choke freezes and we have to pop the top and tweak it by hand. Im sure moisture is bad, but I have defiantly seen miller machines take a savage amount of weather abuse and keep kicking.


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                to comment on the fella above that mentioned using the rod containers to keep moisture out.. i had a good idea brought to me by my LWS .. and in the middle of enacting it

                he said to take a small fridge (or large) that doesnt work anymore... gut it (safley) leaving only the box and the insulation.. (ie: remove condensor, compressor etc etc).. and wire in a socket to hold a 60W incondesant.. (or less depending on the size of the fridge) use flashing or some type of reflective material to insulate the plastic closest to the lamp (hottest) and store all your rods in there.. you could go one step farther and install a thermometer and a dimmer switch so you could throttle down the bulb and moniter the heat..

                the goal is that the insulation (and the fact that the fridge seals up well) will withhold the heat generated from the bulb, and keep the rods warm, and since its radiant heat, should drive out or eliminate moisture within the box...

                got the fridge,, still working on the mount/fixture and dimmerswitch/thermo .. this will be perfect for someone like myself that buys 5lbs of rod at a time and seldem reaches for it.. keeps them dry and fresh ready for use.. and cheeper to operate then a full size/official rod oven/keeper.

                i know this may not help with your shop but may keep your rods nice..

                p.s. spend some money on a dehumidifier,,, and let it run constantly.. regardless of weather.. cheep insurance especially if moisture has been a problem in the past!

                also.. do a quick inspection of the shop to see where the construction may not be as tight or sealed up and attempt to repair it.. that will help to...
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