Just a tidbit of information for those who find themselves setting their amps higher than normal to weld heavy material. I always knew part of this but finally had it confirmed by an electrician.

My welding receptacle at work that my Thunderbolt XL 300/200 DC/AC is plugged into is running on a 3 phase, 30 amp breaker with #10-3 with ground. The way the conduit runs make the outlet about 175' away from the panel box. The electrician told me the conduit is most likely getting warm when I am welding and Im pulling 26 amps. I am having him rewire everything along with making another drop in the middle of the shop, this time using #8-3 with a 40 amp breaker, if I go any heavier, then he needs to change the conduit. This building was only built in 95 so somebody was not thinking when these plans were drawn up for the wiring. I cant wait to feel the difference.